-Fully Managed and Maintained, Data, Email, Voice, Fax and Post Virtual Office Solution.


Business Aspects

Virtual Office Solutions (VOS) empowers the start-up and small enterprise businesses to challenge their budgets, allowing them to move their business forward, taking that competitive edge.  Technology and service providers have evolved allowing small enterprise businesses to take the advantage of reliable and secure technology which doesn't require them to be IT experts to manage.   

If a high street presence is not required and if manning the office is challenging whilst you're out their winning business, then VOS keeps you in touch and on the move wherever you are.  Understanding your business needs and working with the right service provider to host and manage your technology requirements, gives you the freedom to grow and manage your business.


Business Benefits

Business Summary

Virtual Office Solutions delivers immediate presence and return on investment at a fraction of the cost to traditional high street setups.  Using reliable and secure technology you are in touch with your business and potential customer, no matter where you are.

The Service

The VOS can be customized to meet your business needs exactly with each element of the package having the ability to be included as and when required. You can choose how many employees you connect to your workgroup and how much data you will require for storage on the servers and for backup to our secure offshore servers. Service level agreements can be designed around your business needs depending on your working patens and demands.

The service is designed to meet the needs of businesses both large and small and any requirements that you may can be tested, added and supported as part of the ingoing package.

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